5 Health Reasons To Masturbate

Whether one admits it or not, everyone masturbates. Fetuses have been masturbating even in the womb. Now the only questions we need to tackle are why do it regularly and should we be doing it more? The short answer to all these questions is YES. A recent study released by Indiana University’s National Survey Of Sexual Health and Behavior states that American adults masturbate between one and four times per week and more men masturbate than women.

Many sex and wellness coaches think that women should start masturbating more to also gain its full benefits. But unfortunately, many women still consider it a taboo to talk about this subject as many think it’s inappropriate to bring up. Masturbation’s bad reputation is due to religion’s teachings that to indulge in it is a sin. Almost all religions view self-pleasure as a deviant thing to do. Many conservatives also see masturbation as inappropriate. By World War 1, onanism was believed to be “self-abuse” and medical textbooks stated that if young boys engaged in it are doing something more sinister than lying and stealing. Women were not explicitly talked about. Perhaps it was assumed that women just don’t do it. This demonization of masturbation has thus led our society to view it as something shameful. And those who secretly engage in it are many timed riddled by guilt and fear even though it is a natural act. But you or anyone else should not feel guilty when doing this act as it is quite natural. Animals, whether in the wild or in captivity, have been documented to doing it.

Here at Fitness Bright, we shall try to help you overcome these hesitations so you can finally tap into the health benefits associated with masturbation.

1.) Regular masturbation gives you a healthy dose of endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine. According to this study done in 2009 by researchers at the University of Michigan when you orgasm your body release endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine. These are the hormones that make us feel good about ourselves and allows us to be bonded with others. When these hormones are boosted they help lower cortisol, that nasty stress hormone. If you fail to keep your cortisol levels in check it could lead to a lot of stress-related issues like inflammation, insomnia, stress-eating, and even weight loss resistance.
This means that even if you exert so much effort in your workouts, you’d still not be getting its full benefit. If you want to maximize your 3 Day Diet regimen then you better include a few minutes of self-pleasure.


2.) Curb your craving for junk food by masturbating. Due to masturbation boosting our oxytocin levels we in turn feel happier about ourselves. By being happier our bodies do not crave junk food or sweets. We are effectively lowering our sugar level, avoiding salty food, and taming our cravings at bay. Stimulating your clitoris is enough to increase oxytocin level. Even if you don’t reach climax, you are able to benefit greatly when this neurotransmitter is released.

3.) Men also benefit from frequent masturbation as this act greatly improves sperm quality. Masturbating constantly prevents less DNA damage and motility problems.

4.) Self-pleasure psychologically relaxes you which in turn affects your microbiome in a positive way. Your gut and your mind is linked. When you are stressed out this affects the performance of your gut and raises so many issues from being bloated to anxiety and depression. Maintaining a healthy gut should and is a priority.

5.) Regular masturbation leaves you feeling more positive about your body. Men and women who suffer from self-esteem issues, learn to love and make love to yourself.
A good masturbation session leads to a higher feeling of self-esteem and confidence. Knowing and familiarizing yourself with your body and how it ticks you know what you need to bring yourself to orgasm. You also strengthen your connection with your own body. Having this knowledge of your body will lead to a more satisfied relationship status too. Plus the relaxing effect after helps you think straight and make you a better decision maker.

We will continue to expand on this list to help you start on your journey to self-pleasure and care.
Do not be afraid of your own body. Take the time to explore it. Touch your bits and satisfy yourself and your curiosity.

Who could not need more pleasure in their lives?

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