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3 Week Diet – Lose 23 Pounds in 3 Weeks With This Diet Plan

3 week diet

The 3 Week diet

This diet program was created by Brian Flatt, world renowned personal trainer, nutritionist, and author to help you lose weight fast.
3 week diet


Please Note: This article is just a review of the 3 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt and is intended to edify the readers regarding the product features and benefits. If you are looking for the official download link or want to purchase the product, scroll down this page and visit the official website for more details.

Is 3 week diet program a scam?

Being fit and healthy is the ultimate goal of every individual nowadays. Some people have the natural tendency to remain fit, while others have to struggle with their weight to stay in shape. For the latter, weight loss can be a tiresome task or may be impossible if they lack the motivation and determination to do it right. But what if you find a product that can make your weight loss as easy as anything? Well, the 3 Week Diet System is the product that will serve this purpose well.

This product might be viewed as something deceiving by some readers, while some might even object to this entire review of mine. But after the growing popularity of this product, I have personally checked for the authentic sources of information regarding the performance of this product. The results were amazingly positive and that led me to write this review to let everyone know how wonderful this product is for effective and rapid weight loss.

Here I have given a detailed overview of what this product is all about, what benefits it aims to provide you and the possible outcomes you should expect from this wonder product.

The 3 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt is a complete guide for those who want instant weight loss. It includes those secret strategies that one can follow to get in shape just within 3 weeks. These strategies define the set of activities that should be carried out for burning out the extra calories and getting a strong hold on your body weight.

This program includes complete details about how to manage your weight through physical as well as mental channels. It presents you with a complete guide on nutrition, exercise, motivation towards weight loss, and all the related aspects for rapid weight loss.

There are wonderful tips defined for achieving each of these fitness milestones.

Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet System promises some clear weight-related achievements like 12-23 pounds of weight lost, energy level increased, metabolism improved and accelerated, cellulite decreased, current dress size dropped by 2-3 sizes, visible reduction of 2-3 inches in waistline achieved, healthy effects for skin and hair achieved, and much more. All of this can be visible within 21 days. That’s the biggest commitment this product has made to its users and is so far meeting the expectations reasonably well.

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Things included in the 3 Week Diet System

Introduction Manual

This manual gives a complete background to the readers of how they tend to gain or lose weight, what are the associated dynamics, and how they can control it on their own. It defines the steps that initiate the calorie burning process in our bodies and we start losing pounds after that. It also throws light on how certain supplements can help maintain your health and weight in particular. It recommends supplements that are imperative to be taken along with the weight loss techniques defined in this program.

Diet Manual

3 week diet manual teaches you how to System your diet while keeping your weight in mind.

It helps you calculate certain weight related ratios and teaches the users to design their diet Systems based on these ratios. It offers the guidelines to create your personalized diet System according to your specific body requirements to boost the weight loss process. It will brief you about the foods to be taken and foods to be avoided. This manual is so complete that it also prepares you for maintaining your weight after losing weight.

It teaches you to incorporate the healthy lifestyle into your normal life activities.

Workout Manual

This manual focuses on both the gym-goers as well as the ones who hate visiting gym. It has defined wonderful workout Systems for those who are used to regular gym workouts. It also facilitates the other category by defining easy-to-do exercises which can be done anywhere during your free time and they can help you lose enough weight if you do them regularly for just 20 minutes for about 4 days a week maximum. This manual will make you do those exercises that involve all your body muscles and tone the body as a whole.

These exercises are known to have positive effects on the body mechanisms especially in increasing metabolism.

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Three week diet is a fast and effective weight loss for people who are looking to see the results in as good as daily, weekly and within a given time frame. We can safely say that this is a quick weight loss program. But controlled and calculated, it is designed to give you results daily, a weekly goal and ultimately the 3 weeks, where it claims to shred off about 12-25 pounds of excess fat and trim your waistline 2-3 sizes lower.

Although each individual are not the same when it comes to losing weight, we can safely say that this e-book is caring enough to take care of you while you are dieting because it has a heart.

There are 3 different areas and sections that the eBook concentrates for, these are the dieting component, the exercise and workout, and lastly the motivation component. Each of the components or manuals are well designed by the team’s concept artist. Fonts and style of writing are aesthetically pleasing and the clean design for the illustrations and paragraphs are a welcome sight.

Looking closely at the 3 week diet plan, its actually made to counteract those mainstream diet plans in the market today, it will be against those diets that are both time consuming and usually ineffective for the consumers.

The eBook is not over 100 pages but its filled with great vital information that can go much deeper than any other eBook available with the same theme in general. The components that are split into parts helped make things easier for the consumer, and by now we all know which portions are those, they are diet, exercise and motivation.

Let’s discuss a bit these manuals.

To start there is this 43 page Introduction manual. It opens everything up with general information and better understanding about everything regarding weight loss. It also opens with an introduction about the factors and efficient way to lose weight and from fats.

The diet manual is composed of 22 pages of pure diet goodness. It is now divided into 4 phases for 21 days. The aim is to make the rules simpler and easy enough to understand, so the results will come in quicker since the user is very capable of finishing the entire dieting thing. It means that for the next 3 weeks; expect daily results from the diet.
The work out manual is just 17 pages, but they are full of information on how to compliment on your dieting. Using only free weights and the weight of your body, no more the need of the gym nor fitness instructors. 10-20 minutes a day, thrice a week, it’s so easy that it’s not going to eat a lot of your time.

Mindset and Motivation Manual – 13 pages: contains tips to set up a new mindset for quick weight loss, what will power is and how to keep a journal of the progress.

Mindset and Motivation Manual

This manual focuses on ways and means through which you can stay focused on your weight related goals. It defines the ways through which you can increase your motivation level and can stay determined throughout the 3 Week Diet System and even after that.

It also gives you those practical tips through which you can continue following the healthy diet System and make that a part of your daily routine.

File Format

The 3 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt is available in PDF format and can be accessed online.

It can also be viewed in PDF format through smartphones, PCs, laptops and all other digital means.

  • Product Cost: $47 USD (one-time payment)
  • Shipping Cost: No shipping required, online delivery
  • Available Offline: No
  • Available on Amazon: No


Discount: The 3 Week Diet plan is available with a discount of $47 USD

  • Availability of Free Introduction: Yes
  • Refund Policy: 60-day money back guarantee with no refund charges applied
  • Secure Online Payment: All online transactions are processed safely by Clickbank.


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Weight Loss – 6 Tips To Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Weeks

weight loss math

Are you wondering how to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks, but the problem if you dont know which diet you should go on? It can be very tough if you dont know which direction to take. With many types of diets around these days you can find yourself spinning in circles all day. I like to keep things really simple, and not focus on any particular diet, but follow certain fundamentals. Here are a few tips that you can use to lose weight in a few weeks (or maybe a month):

Do The Math Of Weight Loss
weight loss math

It really comes down to this: you need to burn more calories than you consume. I use the starting point of 12 x my body weight to get my level of daily calories needed to lose about 1-3 pounds a week. I remember reading once that it takes about 1500 calories burned to burn a pound of fat. So if you set yourself in a deficit of 500 calories per day then you’ll lose a pound almost every 3 days. If you want to lose 10 pounds in three weeks, then that’s 15,000 calories you would need to burn. That’s about 700 calories burned per day. Remember, don’t think of this as solid fact, because I’m not totally sure of how correct it is, but I like to use it as a good guideline. If you’re currently not on a diet you’ll probably lose a lot of weight in the first week; this is because your body has been holding onto extra water. Don’t become discouraged if you don’t see a decrease in weight loss after the first week this is normal.

Eat Natural Foods, especially vegetables, and fruits
organic food weight loss

If all the food you’re eating comes in a package you most likely shouldn’t be eating it to lose weight. Stick to fresh foods that are high in protein/carbohydrates and low in fat. A gram of fat contains 9 calories while a gram of protein or carbs contains 4 calories. Less calories in your meals = more calories you’ll burn. Good sources of proteins include chicken breast (stay away from chicken wings), turkey breast, eggs and egg whites (whole eggs have great nutritional value, but be careful of the fat content), cottage cheese, and whey protein. Excellent sources of carbs include raw oats (for a natural no calorie sweetener go with stevia), red potatoes, brown rice, beans, and of course green vegetables.


Weight Training Exercises for Weight loss
weight training weight loss

I like to lift weights at least 3-4 times per week. Not only is it good for your strength and muscles it burns a lot of calories! When you lift weights your body requires nutrition to repair itself so there is a lot less chance of it being stored as fat. Not only will you start to lose weight, you’ll start to feel stronger and better.

Cardio workouts For Weight Loss
cardio workout for weight loss

I also like to perform cardio 4-5 times per week. Its great for your heart, and burns extra calories. One thing you will want to avoid is choosing cardio over weight training. Weight training should be most important when trying to lose weight.


Get At Least 8 Hours of Sleep
sleep 8 hrs for weight loss

Sleep is very important. You want to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Your body needs to recover. The more you sleep the more easily you’ll find the weight comes off. Im not sure if this is true for everyone, but try not to over sleep. I know when I sleep more than 9 hours, I feel sluggish throughout the day, and drink more coffee than usual.


Find Your Motivation
workout motivation for weightloss

Figure out why you are trying to lose weight in the first place. Is it because you just want to become healthier to avoid health problems? Are you trying to fit in smaller clothes? Do you want six pack abs? Whatever the reason, figure it out and every time you find yourself falling off track remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place.

I also find that it helps if you write everything down. Think of this as a competition (or you could join an actual competition! They have them on most forums), and write down your beginning measurements with your goals a month down the road. Youll find that youll be able to stay on track much more easily. Write down all the foods that you eat during the day. Remember, it will all be worth it in the end! Youll then be able to show your friends how to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks just like you did.


Evaluation of Venus factor | Does The Venus Factor Really work?

venus factor review

Description Of The Venus Factor Weight loss Program:

The Venus Factor is a system of diet and specially dedicated to women fitness, he uses a completely new approach to weight loss in women.

The Venus Factor is a weightloss and diet system specially dedicated to women’s fitness. This system uses a complete new approach to weight loss in women.
The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor Weight Loss program is specifically designed for women. This is a food program of over 12 weeks which is very clear and easy to follow. It will show you what you should do step by step to lose weight quickly without weight regain! It focus on nutrition and it will show you exactly what to eat and when to eat for next 12 weeks for effective weight loss, in a safe and controlled manner.

The purpose of The Venus Factor is to drastically improve the female metabolism and free up your ability to burn the bad fat. With the guidance of venus factor you will discover how quick and easy it is to lose weight without even limiting the foods you like best!
Indeed, this is the only diet program to provide quick and sustainable weight loss easily without fasting or dieting.

The Venus Factor will provide good results even if you have bad genetics, slow metabolism or a thyroid problem. It will work even if yo don’t have much time to spare or you think you have tried everything.

venus factor program weight loss

The Venus Factor: What does the actual program consists of?

You will discover among other things which foods can be called healthy and which foods keep you from losing weight, food tips that increases female metabolism and burns fat 24 hours out of 24. Further, this program also puts light on what are the nutrients that most women are missing that are vital and what are the plants and vegetables that accelerates weight loss in women!

But, thats not all, The Venus Factor is also a video exercise program of 12 weeks specifically targeted for female anatomy and physiology.
It uses unique exercises to coordinate hormonal status of women in order to focus, strengthen and ton the most tender areas and get rid of cellulite, while accelerating weight loss.

You will discover among others why your drive needs to be much shorter and much less intense than that of a man, what are the exact exercises that women should never do or rather what are the unique exercises and easy as you can do at home to increase your metabolism, destroy cellulite and maximize your weight loss to the max!

Unlike the traditional exercise and training programs designed for omen, the exercise program created by Venus Factor works perfectly with the hormonal environment of women and becomes complementary to the main nutritional program. It ensures that you have the tools to lose weight quick and fast to reach your weight loss goal and even exceed them.

venus factor review

Disadvantages of Venus Factor:

1. the nutrition plan gives a lot of freedom, perhaps too much freedom. Some women might have found a more structured diet more helpful.

2. the slimming program by John Barban is not, as one might think at first glance, a slimming miracle solution, it asks its participents to follow a specific plan and make efforts.

Reputation of Venus Factor:

John Barban is the man who developed the weight loss program for women The Venus Factor (The Venus Factor) in English, it has an excellent reputation in the world of health and fitness.

Johh Barban is the man who developed the weight loss program for women The venus factor he has an excellent reputation in the world of heath and fitness.

His experience, skills and knowledge are highly valuedby fitness gurus. He graduated in human biology and is continung to learn as much about nutrition, physiology, health, and fitness.

His weight loss system venus factor too has good reputation and is recommended by many health gurus and celebrities.

The Venus Factor Evaluation. The Conclusion:

According to the general opinion, this system is extremely well designed and easy to follow, it is simple flexible and as the weeks pass, the results will keep you motivated to continue and even increase the exercise levels for more results.

And Since venus Factor comes with a money back guarantee of 60 days, I recommend it without any hesitation!

venus factor instant access

venus factor guarantee

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