Bike Your Way To Weight Loss

You may have encountered a lot of weight loss tips and techniques but most of it is done in the comfort of your own home or private space. This could get boring after some time and you are now looking for something that will connect you to nature. This next fitness step will involve significant change. No, you’re not talking about going all vegan or raising sheep for a living. You want to change your weight by losing 10 pounds and be in touch with nature at the same time.

Okay, now that you know your goal and have made up your mind, how do you get ten pounds lighter? You don’t have to commit to gruesome, extreme exercising. Instead, find enjoyable ways to be active, like biking. Biking will allow you to go out, get a dose of Vitamin D sunshine, see new sights, all while you do a good workout.

Do you remember all the good memories you have as a child biking around your neighborhood and getting on your two-wheeler? You got on your bike and had adventures around the neighborhood, like races and obstacle courses.
The good news, when done right you could use biking to help you lose ten pounds and even more.

What is so great about biking? For one, biking is one of the few exercise methods that also serves as transportation. Let’s say you need to go to the store to get groceries. Instead of driving, you can bike to the store assuming it’s not too far. A rack or basket can help you carry the groceries home.

There are some people that may get encouragement from going to a gym three or four times a week. But you may not like going to a gym because of its location or atmosphere. Or, your schedule may not leave any time for you to workout at the gym. Joining a bike club in your neighborhood can be a good substitute. You get to meet people who enjoy the same hobby, plot obstacle courses, or just bike around with company.

Most city streets have bicycle lanes and some highways have separate areas for bikes. If your work is relatively near, you can bike to and from work. This also saves you money for parking fees. Sometimes, buildings have no parking lots for cars, yet have plenty of room for bicycles. And bicycles are pollution-free and don’t use gasoline. As you can see, biking has its advantages.

By biking to work and to run errands, you get a double deal: you get to exercise and get to your destination. This way, you do not need to set aside special time just for exercising. As a result, you look forward to your routine and lose 10 pounds.

The gym may seem like hard work, yet biking looks fun. On weekends, you can also bike for recreation. Take along your family or friends and enjoy the fresh air.

Have you considered mountain biking? If you can gather up a group of friends, a twenty or thirty mile bike ride through trails can be an unforgettable experience.

Soon, you will lose all 10 pounds. And you may have an old hobby back.

Check out this infographic for more benefits of biking.

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