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Failed Diets And How To Solve It


The problem of failed diets and how to solve it has been on many people’s minds. We have written numerous posts about it. Have you ever asked yourself why almost every diet you tried to follow has failed? Was it the diet that truly failed you or was it you who failed to follow the diet? The answer may not always be as clear cut as you think.

It cannot be denied that there are many diets that people follow which often target the wrong problem.
That is because people follow trendy diets and not the one that suits them most.
Many diets focus on stopping weight gain rather than developing good habits that will help the body naturally lose the excess weight and maintain an ideal one. With many fad diets, you do get TEMPORARY WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS but only to realize after a few months that all the weight you lost, you’ve just gained back and more.

The weight gain is not about lack of will power. Most of the time you will stop yourself from caving in to your cravings. Often, the problem with weight gain is due to our propensity to eat junk food or not paying attention to what we eat.
Overeating is another thing many people have a hard time overcoming. Our appetites are sometimes still so voracious but we hardly do anything afterwards thus, storing calories. The stress of dieting can also affect your body’s response.

When embarking on a diet, what most people immediately do is eliminate entire food groups altogether thinking that it is the way to go. Without properly weaning the body off of these things, we immediately develop cravings that are too hard to ignore.
The taste of salty potato chips is just so much more delicious AFTER you decided not to have any for a few days. Sweet chocolate desserts and sugary sweets are just doubly tempting when you have decided not to let these wonderful morsels ever touch your mouth.
This puts your body into stress mode. Soon you’ll see yourself get into this vicious cycle of craving and depravation. This does not mean diets do not work. Diets are helpful and depending on the specific diet, it can help you lose weight and TARGET A SPECIFIC PROBLEM.

One example of a specific diet to help you target a certain weight loss under a specific time frame is the THREE WEEK DIET. Following this diet for at most three weeks will let you lose up to twenty-three (23) pounds in twenty-one (21) days. This diet will help you achieve your goal of reducing your calorie intake. With this diet, it only doesn’t give you a list of foods to take and minimize the creator of this diet has also set up a virtual support group for you so that it is easier to stick with your weight loss resolution.

With the THREE WEEK DIET and its intermittent fasting program, you not only reduce your calories but you are also “training” your body for it to fully utilize the food you eat. One hurdle for people going on a diet is lowering their carbohydrate intake. With the THREE WEEK DIET’s program, doing this is so much easier as there are simple recipes available to help so you can prepare your healthy and nutritious meals easily. And of course, the THREE WEEK DIET is not only about reducing food intake and controlling your consumption, it also provides a great exercise regimen that you need to do to help you lose weight, tighten your muscles, tone your body.

And at the end of the day, there are many people out there who still will have a hard time with weight loss for various reasons. One is age and level of physical level of fitness. With the THREE WEEK DIET program, they have also thought of this too. The THREE WEEK DIET also provides you with a guide to proper strategic supplementation for losing weight.

Supplements can help someone lose weight if they are used properly, with the right guidelines, and coupled with exercise.

With all these methods individually, you can lose weight but combined, this whole system will give you a much better and more holistic weight loss regimen that actually works.

The THREE WEEK DIET is just one example of a holistic diet program. For many people, buying into a diet program is a waste of money. In their mind, they think they can do it with just on their own effort. That may be true but experimenting with your body by going through trial and error of various methods in the end will not be good for you.


The official 3 WEEK DIET website


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The 3 Week Diet Program – Lose 12 to 23 Pounds Guaranteed!

The 3 Week Diet Program is a science-based weight loss program that guarantees a user will lose 12-23 pounds in just 21 days. The main creator of this unique weight reduction program is Brian Flatt who is a sports nutritionist, fitness expert, and personal trainer who has worked for many years in his specialized area. He has helped countless people to lose stubborn fat and also build powerful muscles.

The 3 Week Diet is a 95-page guide that is divided into various sections such as exercise, diet, motivation, mentality, and willpower. Some of these segments include the following:

1. The introductory manual is something more than just an introduction to the diet. Instead, we analyze the science behind how we gain and lose weight, as well as what needs to be done to attack that stubborn body fat that, so far, had been so difficult to eliminate.

In addition to this, the introductory manual will discuss the specific supplements recommended for this diet to be ultra-successful. We’ll talk about the science behind supplements and how they will help you lose fat, increase your metabolism, and have much more energy as well as boost your overall good health.

2. The Diet Handbook is “The Moment of Truth”. Unlike other diet plans available out there the Diet manual provided in the 3 Week Diet Program will teach you how to calculate your lean vs body mass and your fat percentage and by doing so it will arm you with a quick slimming plan specifically designed for your body type. You’ll know exactly what to eat every day as well as how much and when to eat. This eliminates the guess work in your diet thus you can easily target your problem areas and make sure you are getting the optimal nutrition your body needs. You just have to follow the indicated plan and finally start to lose those unwanted kilos.

In addition to this, you will discover the exact foods you should eat to burn your body fat at its full potential and what foods you should avoid due to its ability to delay or even stop your body’s natural fat-burning process.

The Diet manual is frankly the most innovative and fast weight reduction method. And it doesn’t stop there. In the Diet manual, they also included the “My Plan” an extremely simple guide to keep the weight you’ve lost forever so you continue to enjoy your favorite foods. It eliminates the need for you to deprive your body of life’s small pleasures, good food. This will allow you to live a “normal” life without having to worry about your figure anymore. You will definitely love this!

3. Training manual: While the Diet manual alone will produce in you a surprising slimming result once followed and done correctly, the training manual helps you virtually duplicate your results.

This manual was designed specifically for those who do not have the time to go to the gym every day and also includes a gym session for those who do. Even if you do not like exercising, the 3 Week Diet Program has developed a “no excuses” type exercise program in its guide because they made sure that all exercise recommendations will only take 20 minutes a day. Everybody has 20 minutes a day! You need to do the exercise at least 3-4 days a week.

The simple fact is, that exercising to burn fat is not about spending hours and hours in the gym every day. This is because the fat loss depends on the intensity of your workout and not about the time you spent. Yes, it is true that you can lose weight by running an hour or more on the treadmill, but that way you will never get rid of the most stubborn and difficult body fat. If you are wondering why after months or even years of exercising there are still pockets of fat stuck in your “problem areas” then this is the answer to your question. The key to ending the “fat loss plateaus” is in short, intense body exercises that force every muscle in your body to be metabolically active.

When you perform a quality training program in conjunction with the 3 Week Diet, you will truly be amazed at how your body transforms before your very eyes. You can have the “knockout” effect for extremely fast, effective, and safe weight loss. The training manual made sure to target common problem areas like your middle section, which contains the only 2 abdominal exercises you need to have a flat, celebrity belly. Many have said that this exercise alone is worth much more than the price of the entire system!

4. Manual of attitude and motivation: Every great success begins with the decision to change the way you think. It’s your way of thinking and your inner motivation that will take you to the physical changes you want to see. This handbook will give you the techniques to focus on your goals and keep your motivation for as long as you apply the 3 Week Diet Program and beyond in your daily life.

The Manual of attitude and motivation includes thousands of tips, tricks, tools, and motivational secrets to help you obtain the desired results. At the same time, it arms you with the knowledge to make sure you will not get a millimeter away from your diet and keep all the weight lost forever!

If you are tired of being overweight. If you wish to kickstart your weight loss program and want to lose up to 23 pounds in three weeks, if you have spent hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned money on those weight loss products that promises you lots of things but don’t deliver, if you just wish to start living healthy then this is the program for you. Give your body and yourself one of the best gives you could buy today and that is the road to health and wellness starting with the 3 Week Diet program.

If you are finally ready to make that decision then kindly buy this program here on their official website, apply what you learn, and watch as you transform in just a matter of three weeks.



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The 3-Week Diet Program. Review for 3-Week Diet


3 Week Diet – Lose 23 Pounds in 3 Weeks With This Diet Plan

3 week diet

The 3 Week diet

This diet program was created by Brian Flatt, world renowned personal trainer, nutritionist, and author to help you lose weight fast.
3 week diet


Please Note: This article is just a review of the 3 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt and is intended to edify the readers regarding the product features and benefits. If you are looking for the official download link or want to purchase the product, scroll down this page and visit the official website for more details.

Is 3 week diet program a scam?

Being fit and healthy is the ultimate goal of every individual nowadays. Some people have the natural tendency to remain fit, while others have to struggle with their weight to stay in shape. For the latter, weight loss can be a tiresome task or may be impossible if they lack the motivation and determination to do it right. But what if you find a product that can make your weight loss as easy as anything? Well, the 3 Week Diet System is the product that will serve this purpose well.

This product might be viewed as something deceiving by some readers, while some might even object to this entire review of mine. But after the growing popularity of this product, I have personally checked for the authentic sources of information regarding the performance of this product. The results were amazingly positive and that led me to write this review to let everyone know how wonderful this product is for effective and rapid weight loss.

Here I have given a detailed overview of what this product is all about, what benefits it aims to provide you and the possible outcomes you should expect from this wonder product.

The 3 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt is a complete guide for those who want instant weight loss. It includes those secret strategies that one can follow to get in shape just within 3 weeks. These strategies define the set of activities that should be carried out for burning out the extra calories and getting a strong hold on your body weight.

This program includes complete details about how to manage your weight through physical as well as mental channels. It presents you with a complete guide on nutrition, exercise, motivation towards weight loss, and all the related aspects for rapid weight loss.

There are wonderful tips defined for achieving each of these fitness milestones.

Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet System promises some clear weight-related achievements like 12-23 pounds of weight lost, energy level increased, metabolism improved and accelerated, cellulite decreased, current dress size dropped by 2-3 sizes, visible reduction of 2-3 inches in waistline achieved, healthy effects for skin and hair achieved, and much more. All of this can be visible within 21 days. That’s the biggest commitment this product has made to its users and is so far meeting the expectations reasonably well.

Visit 3 Week Diet Plan Website

Things included in the 3 Week Diet System

Introduction Manual

This manual gives a complete background to the readers of how they tend to gain or lose weight, what are the associated dynamics, and how they can control it on their own. It defines the steps that initiate the calorie burning process in our bodies and we start losing pounds after that. It also throws light on how certain supplements can help maintain your health and weight in particular. It recommends supplements that are imperative to be taken along with the weight loss techniques defined in this program.

Diet Manual

3 week diet manual teaches you how to System your diet while keeping your weight in mind.

It helps you calculate certain weight related ratios and teaches the users to design their diet Systems based on these ratios. It offers the guidelines to create your personalized diet System according to your specific body requirements to boost the weight loss process. It will brief you about the foods to be taken and foods to be avoided. This manual is so complete that it also prepares you for maintaining your weight after losing weight.

It teaches you to incorporate the healthy lifestyle into your normal life activities.

Workout Manual

This manual focuses on both the gym-goers as well as the ones who hate visiting gym. It has defined wonderful workout Systems for those who are used to regular gym workouts. It also facilitates the other category by defining easy-to-do exercises which can be done anywhere during your free time and they can help you lose enough weight if you do them regularly for just 20 minutes for about 4 days a week maximum. This manual will make you do those exercises that involve all your body muscles and tone the body as a whole.

These exercises are known to have positive effects on the body mechanisms especially in increasing metabolism.

Visit 3 Week Diet Plan Website

Three week diet is a fast and effective weight loss for people who are looking to see the results in as good as daily, weekly and within a given time frame. We can safely say that this is a quick weight loss program. But controlled and calculated, it is designed to give you results daily, a weekly goal and ultimately the 3 weeks, where it claims to shred off about 12-25 pounds of excess fat and trim your waistline 2-3 sizes lower.

Although each individual are not the same when it comes to losing weight, we can safely say that this e-book is caring enough to take care of you while you are dieting because it has a heart.

There are 3 different areas and sections that the eBook concentrates for, these are the dieting component, the exercise and workout, and lastly the motivation component. Each of the components or manuals are well designed by the team’s concept artist. Fonts and style of writing are aesthetically pleasing and the clean design for the illustrations and paragraphs are a welcome sight.

Looking closely at the 3 week diet plan, its actually made to counteract those mainstream diet plans in the market today, it will be against those diets that are both time consuming and usually ineffective for the consumers.

The eBook is not over 100 pages but its filled with great vital information that can go much deeper than any other eBook available with the same theme in general. The components that are split into parts helped make things easier for the consumer, and by now we all know which portions are those, they are diet, exercise and motivation.

Let’s discuss a bit these manuals.

To start there is this 43 page Introduction manual. It opens everything up with general information and better understanding about everything regarding weight loss. It also opens with an introduction about the factors and efficient way to lose weight and from fats.

The diet manual is composed of 22 pages of pure diet goodness. It is now divided into 4 phases for 21 days. The aim is to make the rules simpler and easy enough to understand, so the results will come in quicker since the user is very capable of finishing the entire dieting thing. It means that for the next 3 weeks; expect daily results from the diet.
The work out manual is just 17 pages, but they are full of information on how to compliment on your dieting. Using only free weights and the weight of your body, no more the need of the gym nor fitness instructors. 10-20 minutes a day, thrice a week, it’s so easy that it’s not going to eat a lot of your time.

Mindset and Motivation Manual – 13 pages: contains tips to set up a new mindset for quick weight loss, what will power is and how to keep a journal of the progress.

Mindset and Motivation Manual

This manual focuses on ways and means through which you can stay focused on your weight related goals. It defines the ways through which you can increase your motivation level and can stay determined throughout the 3 Week Diet System and even after that.

It also gives you those practical tips through which you can continue following the healthy diet System and make that a part of your daily routine.

File Format

The 3 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt is available in PDF format and can be accessed online.

It can also be viewed in PDF format through smartphones, PCs, laptops and all other digital means.

  • Product Cost: $47 USD (one-time payment)
  • Shipping Cost: No shipping required, online delivery
  • Available Offline: No
  • Available on Amazon: No


Discount: The 3 Week Diet plan is available with a discount of $47 USD

  • Availability of Free Introduction: Yes
  • Refund Policy: 60-day money back guarantee with no refund charges applied
  • Secure Online Payment: All online transactions are processed safely by Clickbank.


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The 3 Week Diet Review And My Own Testimonial

This Diet Helped Me Lose 52 Pounds!

I am writing this article because I want to let everyone know my story. This is partially the reason why I got into fitness. This is my 3 Week Diet review and my own testimonial. Let me start off by saying that I’ve never been a social person. I am the type who likes to work in the background instead of center stage. I can say that I’ve always been this way since I was in my teens but being completely honest with myself, I think this “extreme shyness” worsened in my 20s because I have gained so much weight. I am a short person not even reaching 5”3. Weighing more than 200lbs and with my height, I just felt like a little barrel. It was a “good thing” though that my job did not require me to be constantly meeting people hence I felt “safe” in my skin. Then one day, I got called by our company’s president and he wanted me to deliver an opening speech for our annual Christmas party. I was mortified! That meant being on stage with at least 300 people (not counting their partners and kids they’ll be bringing along) and all their eyes would be on me.


I tried to give excuses as to why a different person is a better choice than me to deliver such a speech. I even emphasized my being single at that point. Christmas is the time that we should highlight the importance of family etc. Better choose someone who can live up to this image, I thought I expertly argued. But my boss will not listen. And if I had continued arguing with my boss providing flimsy excuses it would have negatively affected my professional life. So, after my long protest, I had resigned myself to the fact that I will be speaking in front of this giant crowd (it’s big in my head because I’m not used to it) and I will have to face my worst nightmare.

That night, I stood in front of my mirror in my undies and tried to run through a motivational speech as I tried to tell myself over and over that I can do it. This experience was my stepping stone into confronting my inner fears and being completely honest with myself. What I saw in the mirror wasn’t a happy and confident individual. Instead, the figure staring back at me was a sad and unhappy woman who is the complete opposite of what she’s portraying to the world. That night, three weeks before my Christmas party speech, I made the decision to make fitness a goal and priority in my life. I was not getting younger and as my age climbed up so did my weight. This was not good. I started Googling weight loss programs that night just to get an idea what I might be doing. I came across the 3 Week Diet program and was curious about it because the testimonials I’ve read all sounded too good to be true and at first, I didn’t want to believe any of it. But, keeping in mind that my speech was also in three weeks, I decided to give it try. I was probably the most skeptical buyer because other websites that offered this product seems to just say, “Hey you, yes you! You’re fat so come here and buy me!” But, being brutally honest, I was desperate at that point. All I said to myself was, what more can I lose? After all, they do have a money back guarantee.

Two days after I received my order, I assessed myself and vowed to be totally honest. I was 85 pounds overweight. I did not look nice at all and I felt like I was a slob. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get rid of those 85 pounds overnight but I told myself that if I can just lose a third off that number then I’ll be happy and it was money well spent. Unlike my other diet attempts in the past, this time I was truly determined to really lose the weight. Not only to look good but to somehow be on track to start leading a healthy lifestyle. I have been awakened by what I saw and at this point, there was no turning back.

When I finally got to see the information on the whole system and reading everything I gained a much better understanding of what I was getting myself into and I became enlightened about a lot of things.
The 3 Week Diet is a step-by-step plan on weight and fat loss that tells you exactly what to do. The information on paper were all easy to read and “digest” but let me tell you, the first week itself was hell of a struggle! My then record for exercise was attempting to do 15 squats because I downloaded some fitness app some months ago but never got around to finishing. The 3 Week Diet not only had dietary guidelines but real exercise programs that help you target your problem areas. The good news is that they’re only 20 minutes long each so I really did not have any excuse not to be able to do them.
The other struggle that I really had to wrestle with was sticking to the calorie cutting advice. I love breads, pastries, desserts! I have a terrible sweet tooth and trying to tame that monster was the biggest challenge for me.

My first week seemed like a disaster. I felt low on energy because I cut back on my calories. That is one downside of when you reduce your calorie intake. This can leave you low on energy. I knew this was going to happen so I steadied my mind and still tried to stick with the diet. I did snack a few times but I made sure that I was munching on healthier alternatives now instead of reaching out for a Snickers bar or some other candy bar. I found some quick and easy snack recipes and made my own power bar. To keep me awake, I switched to green tea instead of having someone buy me coffee which I always do.

On my first week on the program, I just lost 5 pounds. I’m not going to lie, I felt disappointed at first. I was expecting more. I know the weight loss was water weight and I have a long way to go but the other changes I have observed was that I felt “lighter”. The first three days were difficult but on my fourth and fifth days on the diet I actually felt better. With these two major changes, I figured I will stick to this diet. I even stopped weighing myself on days 6 and 7. Simply because I didn’t want to get stuck with the numbers. I wanted to do this because I wanted to be healthy. I said I will worry about the numbers later.

My second week on the 3 Week Diet was much better than I expected. My body had a sore spot or two because of the exercises but overall, I felt great! Co-workers actually noticed that I was “glowing” and that my face looked different. I looked at myself in the mirror and another physical change I noticed was that my face got thinner, not much that it makes it look weird, but there was a subtle change in my appearance indeed. Dropping all the fizzy, carbonated, and high sugar drinks also made me less bloated. I noticed that now on my second week I wasn’t craving sweets at all. Every time I wanted that extra “sweetness” in my mouth, I reach out for my fruit tea and take a sip. I drank more water as well. My bowel movement was getting regular and again there was that feeling of “lightness” that I never felt before. This lifestyle change was giving me more positive results than I could have imagined. With my Christmas party speech fast approaching I took out the scale after my second week and weighed myself. To my great surprise, I lost an additional 14 pounds! Two weeks on the 3 Week Diet and I already lost 19 pounds! I was absolutely ecstatic.

I tried my old black dress which I usually wear for parties (I just accessorize it differently every time) and to my surprise it was actually very loose on me. I lost 3 inches off my waistline. Three inches may not be much to many people but that was a blessing to me! For the first time in years I actually looked forward to shopping for a new outfit. I felt like I had a new lease on life. This may sound over dramatic but for someone who has been overweight their entire adult life, losing all that weight and those 3 inches was a life changer. The physical changes in my body also brought forth changes in my outlook. For years I always had a cardigan or shawl as part of my daily work attire. That’s to cover those side bulges I guess. But I notice that now I felt more confident in just wearing my blouses without those extra layers of fabric. On my second week, not only was I able to buy a new dress but I got three new blouses too. Old pants which I was not able to donate started to fit again.

I was able to deliver my speech with a more confident outlook. I felt great and looked great!
My first attempt at completing the 3 Week Diet plan helped me shed 24 pounds. I greeted the new year 24 pounds lighter with 4 inches off my waistline. It was my first New Year’s Eve party without me “pigging out” and getting drunk. I was reborn!

This helped me get into other exercise regimens because I was determined to make this lifestyle switch. I did not want to go back to my old routines and into my old self. I was happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in this new change. I attempted the 3 Week Diet again because I had more weight to lose. The great thing about this program is that it also gives you a guide on what to do after you are through with the 3 Week Diet plan and how to keep those unwanted pounds off. Once you notice you’re putting on the weight again, you can absolutely restart your 3 Week Diet regimen and start losing weight.
So far, I’ve done the 3 Week Diet thrice already and my combined weight loss has reached 52 pounds.

I have also done numerous lifestyle changes that are for the better but it was the 3 Week Diet that catapulted me to this spot I am in now and gave me my first comprehensive guide in weight loss.
Give this program a chance and make that commitment to stick with it. It is not going to be easy, believe me because I have been there but it can be done and you will definitely see results once you commit to do it.

Get your own copy of the 3 Week Diet Program in their official website here:

You can also read the introduction manual of the 3 Week Diet program here:
The 3 Week Diet Introduction Manual

Here are other people’s results!

The 3 Week Diet is a short-term weight loss and fat burning program that focuses on losing a lot of weight fast. Its main target is to get you to lose up to 21 pounds in three weeks.

The main reason why most people fail their weight loss and dieting attempt is because it takes so long to see results so the creator of the 3 Week Diet program decided to create a system to burn fat as fast as possible.

The good thing about the 3 Week Diet program is that it does not stop working after three weeks. It also tells you what to do after 21 days to keep the weight off and improve your overall health.

Another advantage of the 3 Week Diet system is that you can repeat the program more than once to keep on losing weight. Plus the 3 Week Diet works for both men and women! You can invite your special someone, your spouse, your best friend, or anybody really to start this program with you. It works! The only hindrance to this program not working is YOU. If you commit to the program you will see results.

Visit Official 3 Week Diet

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The 3-Week Diet Program. Review for 3-Week Diet

Seven Habits To Increase ANY Weight Loss Program Effectiveness

You may feel there is currently something lacking in your weight loss program despite trying to follow everything it has detailed to the letter. Your goals may vary but often they fall into these basic categories; trying to maintain your ideal weight, lose a few pounds and inches, bulk and tone up, or just starting off a healthy lifestyle with better exercise. Whatever it may be, you may have asked this one question to yourself and that is, “What is the best way to lose weight?”

You are trying to find the key to unlocking this secret.

In this article, we will try to boil it down to seven habits so that we can find a more conducive way for you to work it out.

1.) Take Control Of Your Choices
Stop making excuses for yourself. Don’t give yourself an excuse to eat another cookie. Do not give yourself an excuse to skip your daily exercise. This helps you tame your cravings. Once you get your cravings under control, it is going to be easier for you to say “NO” to temptations before you.

2.) Track Your Progress
Whatever it is that you do in your fitness program, always write it down.
This is a great way for you to learn which areas you need to improve on and what programs actually work.

3.) Do NOT Forget To Hydrate
Hydration is very important when you exercise. Keeping your body properly hydrated helps you maintain your body’s temperature, allows for proper functioning of your internal organs, and other health benefits.

4.) Have Proper Nutrition
Like hydration, you also need to eat properly to help your body get the ideal fuel it needs. Tracking what you eat also makes it easier for you to lose and maintain your ideal weight. Check out simple recipes to help you prepare healthy meals that packs a nutritious punch.

5.) Eat More Often In SMALLER Portions
Many people make a mistake of having big meals once or twice a day. This is actually helping you gain weight not lose weight. Divide your meals in smaller sizes and eat them in shorter intervals. This helps you control your appetite and help increase your metabolism.

6.) Decrease Your Calorie Intake If You Want To Lose Weight
This is great for people who are looking for ways to lose weight because less calorie intake, plus exercise means you are burning more calories that leads to weight loss.

7.) Increase Metabolism
Increasing your metabolism can be easy. Pick and choose food and drinks that can help you increase your metabolism safely and effectively. Drinking green tea has been proven to help increase your metabolism and help your body burn fat. Going to a sauna for the heat also helps you increase your metabolism as well as give you other benefits. Constant exercise especially targeting muscle toning also helps you increase your body’s metabolism.

All diet programs like the 3 Week Diet or The Venus Factor often promote these seven basic things. If your regimen does not include any of these tips, then by all means, integrate it and make it part of your weight loss. The results may vary because individuals have different body types and needs but doing all these things will give you good results.

Doing these constantly will help you train your body. At first, they may sound like a big chore but constant repetition will lead for you to develop it into a habit. Once it becomes your habit, you will find that you will not even think about doing it. Instead, you will start doing it automatically making it a part of your routine.

Whatever your reasons for losing weight are, make them good ones. Because your weight loss motivation is what gives you the drive to continue down the path that is right for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss is the latest buzz phrase around the fitness and weight loss industry. Most people think that the apple cider vinegar diet is a new invention but contrary to this popular belief it is in fact quite old, just now returning to popularity. The purpose of this post is to get to the bottom of all the hype, and share our experiences and observations.

Apple cider vinegar can be used for many things. I just happen to use it for weight loss. Hopefully I can shed some light on whether this really is the miracle people have been waiting for, or just another gimmick created to make money.

Apple cider vinegar has the ability to naturally accelerate weight loss. One study to test its efficacy in people was done in Japan. One hundred seventy-five obese people took either vinegar or water daily for twelve weeks. They were all on similar diet and were asked to keep food journals. At the end of the study it was found that those who used vinegar had lost slightly more weight. On average, the vinegar group lost 1-2 pounds over the 3-month period. It was also observed that they gained all the weight back after the study was over. Of course, as what we always emphasize in this site, there is no magical potion that will make those few extra pounds disappear instantly. A healthy and active lifestyle which consists of a balanced diet and regular exercise is truly the key to successful weight loss. However, we do appreciate natural helping hands every now and then. For those who have slow metabolism, many people believe that apple cider vinegar could also act as a gentle digestive catalyst that naturally kick-starts your metabolism. This is beneficial for your weight loss. It could be the extra burst your body needs. Moreover, with apple cider vinegar, it is an unprocessed and additive-free product. The Japanese researchers suggest that vinegar may turn on certain genes involved in breaking down our body’s fat deposits.

But remember, not every apple cider vinegar is equal. Use raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar (ACV).
This is important because it is the raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar that still contains the “mother” which is the cloudy bits that should be floating around in the liquid. The “mother” retains many of the health benefits of ACV. Filtered apple cider vinegar will not give you the benefits. You can buy any brand of ACV as long as it is raw and unprocessed.

Any brand of ACV that is unpasteurized, unfiltered and organic can be used for weight loss. There is no specific magic brand. To help you with your search though, one of the most well-known organic, unfiltered ACV brands is Bragg which can be purchased online. It is also easily available in many supermarkets and health food stores. You don’t need to worry that the ACV is not pasteurized since the high acidity level is high enough to kill bacteria such as E.coli. Keep this in mind though, remember that many doctors recommend pregnant women to avoid consuming any unpasteurized foods to reduce the risk of foodborne illness that could potentially harm the baby.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) For Weight Loss

If you are not used to the taste and effects of apple cider vinegar, integrate it into your diet gradually. This will help you get used to the taste. You can start this by adding 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and drink it once a day. This is best done in the morning, when you wake up. Then, increase the amount of vinegar per serving, and the frequency of drinking.

According to research on ACV and weight loss, you should consume a daily amount of 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with a cup of water.

One thing to remember is that apple cider vinegar is very acidic. You should not take it in it’s “pure” form. You need to dilute it to protect your teeth, throat, and the lining of your stomach. Please do not skip this part. Taking it without dilution will just bring in health problems instead of solutions. Don’t drink undiluted ACV as it can do more harm than good. You can also drink the diluted apple cider vinegar with a straw to protect your tooth enamel.

The best diet and exercise program I have tried together with apple cider vinegar is the 3-Week Diet and/or the Venus Factor Program. I slowly integrated ACV with my food intake while following the exercises recommended in these two programs. The results were amazing. Try this method out and please do not forget to share with us your experiences, results, and tips.



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The 3-Week Diet Program. Review for 3-Week Diet

The 3-Week Diet Program does not require you to buy diet book which you won’t ever read anyway. It also doesn’t require you to pay for yearly gym membership fees which you will not be going to. The 3-Week Diet Program does not need you to take fat-burner pills that are often unsafe and sold in shady markets. This program comes with the personal guarantee from the creator that it is going to work. It’s a 100% no-nonsense weight loss program that is effective. If you don’t lose the weight it’s going to be free guaranteed. It’s as simple as that.

If at any time in the next sixty (60) days of purchase you have not lost the weight or you are simply not satisfied with the 3-Week Diet for any reason whatsoever you are entitled to request for a refund, no questions asked.

Now, why are they this confident in giving out this guarantee? It is very simple really. This is not a scam.

There won’t be any promises of easy weight loss or magic trick to shed pounds. People are more intelligent than to fall for that.

If you are resolved to solving your weight issue and could dedicate yourself for the next 21 days to the 3-Week Diet’s program and follow what they outline in their course, you will be walking around in a body that has shed 12 to 23 pounds of BODY FAT. Your waist, hips, thighs, belly, butt, and arms will be toned. Your clothes will definitely be looser, plus you’d be more fit and healthier. All these things combined will make you feel and look more attractive. The beauty of losing all that weight and fat can also be felt when you get more bursts of energy. You’d find yourself getting less tired and be able to do things far longer than you could in a long time.

One of the foundations of the 3-Week Diet is the 3-Pound Rule which ensures that the weight lost not be gained easily. The way it works is like this, once you have reached your weight goal you will still continue to weigh yourself every day and if at any time the scale says you have gained three pounds or more than your target weight you immediately start doing phase one of the 3-Week Diet again until you get back your ideal target weight. Usually, all it takes is one to two days.

This program sounds strict but it’s not really hard. You are also allowed your cheat days and have you indulge your favorite meal every now and then while helping you stay slim.

By continue to exercise, stay active, and being conscious of the choices you make and following the 3-Pound rule, you will not only lose any excess weight but you will prevent yourself from gaining all of it back. Be slim, fit, and strong. Take care of your body each day because it’s the only one you’ve got. Invest in it now by giving this 3-Week Diet a chance.


Five Tips For Effortless Weight Loss

Exercise is one of the pillars of good health. A healthy, active lifestyle has been proven to be the best in helping fight diseases, minimize chances of illnesses, and extending one’s life.
Due to this, we now see various workout regimens being developed and marketed. At this point, really, one cannot have a good excuse not to exercise and be active.

Today we’re going to feature five simple ways to help you lose the weight fast. It’s all a matter of consciously making a decision to put your fitness first. They are simple tips and small changes that over time will help you lose 10, 30, or even 50 pounds!

One problem we all encounter with weight loss is our inability to stick with our resolutions. We promise ourselves that we’ll start counting the calories and religiously do some walking exercises but after only a few days of trying to stick with it, we are once again back to eating 3 cupcakes for dessert and downing drinks at the bar like there is no tomorrow. Diet is over! We are once again back to our old habits.
There is a healthy way to lose the pounds and reset the brain slowly so we develop good habits that will lead to weight loss. Let’s borrow these slim-down secrets and transform our bodies today!


1.) Order smartly when you eat out. Instead of ordering the big bowl of pasta, look at the restaurant’s healthy offers like salads and grilled items. Making smart and healthy choices when ordering or eating out will help you lose the weight in no time.


2.) Skip the salt. This does not mean you stop using salt entirely, no meal will ever taste right without salt. Avoid salty snacks like chips and fries. Try not to stock up on these items in your cupboard. Remember, it’s easier to say “NO” when they’re out of reach. If you have to get up, get out, and walk to the store to get it, it will be easier for you to ignore your cravings.


3.) Purge your pantry. Take note of all the things you have in there. If you see food items that you usually tend to indulge in like cookies, ice cream, chips, and other snack items then take them out. Do not buy any more of these. Stock up on healthy grains and other options. Believe me, it’s these snack items that will make you gain all the pounds.


4.) Pile on the vegetables and fruits. If you are into pasta and rice and you switch up on your diet, chances are you don’t feel full during the first few weeks whenever you eat. Instead of grabbing for a cup of rice or pasta, devour a platter of mixed vegetables or salad. Snack on an apple, bite a banana. Munch a celery and pile on the arugula and green peppers. You will soon find that your cravings deteriorate over time and you won’t have any more room for chips and snacking.


5.) Run your butt off. This does not require you to spend hundreds for gym membership. You can do it in your block or neighborhood. A 20-minute run each day will help you lose up to 30 pounds in one month provided you also make smart eating choices. Start with simple changes and you’ll soon find your way to a fitter, healthier you.

Doing these small and gradual changes will help you in your quest to lose those unwanted pounds, live a healthier life, and be more energetic. Small changes are the key needed to have a more lasting fitness goal.




Take your fitness goal to a whole new level and commit to the 3 Week Diet. The exercise program that is proven to help you lose weight and achieve a slimmer waistline in 3 weeks or less.


Healthier Snacking In 10 Easy Ways

Snacking has been one of our most beloved pastime. It is something we even do unconsciously sometimes. As shown by the fact that you’re munching on your second bag of chips while reading this article without you even realizing it. When you think about your favorite snacks, what comes to your mind? Salty potato chips? Greasy, fried food? A sweet dessert? A salad drizzled with your favorite dressing?

Whatever it is that comes to your mind, chances are your options are not so healthy it’s a human rights concern.

When you are trying to lose weight, many people would advise you to avoid snacking at all costs.
The conventional wisdom is that you can’t gain weight if you don’t eat anything.
But oftentimes it is not what you eat that is the cause of concern when trying to lose weight, rather what you do in between these meals. Even if your snacks are small in portion, they can still end up in your butt, tummy, and thighs if you are not careful and do not make wise decisions.

As someone who has had many experiences dieting and trying out the other fads, I have over time learned from my mistakes and the diets I tried. Below are my recommendations for what you can do to achieve a healthier snacking habit.

I always strongly urge everyone I know to develop the habit of eating three full meals a day and following an eating schedule you can stick with. Having three full meals a day minimizes your urges to snack in between.
Once you follow the three full meals a day game plan, implement these various other strategies so you can play it smart when you do decide to have a snack. 

When establishing a routine for your body keep in mind that being on time and sticking with a schedule is important. When you snack, do these little tips to help you lose weight.

  1. Sit down, get comfortable, and put your snacks on your plate or any clean surface that you want so you can unpack it and have a better visual representation of what you are eating. This ensures that you are visually stimulated and you also tend to eat less.
  2. Make sure that you count the calories that you eat for snacking.
  3. Snack only when you are really hunger or when you think you really need it most. If you check your schedule and you see your next major meal is near, skip snacking.
  4.  Always try to snack on healthier options like fruits and vegetables whenever you feel like snacking
  5. For those times when the hunger or longing to eat is not quelled by potato chips, try to have healthier snack meals like a cup of soup, a half sandwich, or a bowl of healthy cereal.
  6. Incorporate variety in your snacking. Don’t just pick up the usual items like instant meals or noodles.
  7. Skip fizzy drinks but for those times that you must drink it, lighten up your drinks with teas and juices.
  8. Be smart about portioning. You can start by not buying the bags of chips you usually do.
  9. Read and understand labels carefully. Those 100-calorie snack items aren’t always a good choice. They are expensive and often are heavily processed. Learn how to make your own snacks with simple recipes.
  10. Pack your snacks and divide them into small portions ahead of time so you can easily grab a bag or container when your cravings kick in.

The suggestions I have detailed here are ones that personally worked for me and also helped me save money. Following a healthy and smart diet need not be expensive but it will require you to put in a little bit of effort. I was so over-weight that I was already about to give it up  but I made my resolve and made a commitment to myself that in at least three weeks I will  do nothing but concentrate on my weight loss goal and make it through the end, once you see the pounds drop off you will know that the small effort that you put in have not been wasted. I stuck with the 3 Week Diet fitness program and also incorporated these tips in my lifestyle changes. It paid off and here I am now sharing my story with you.

I hope you too will find success in what you will do and I can’t wait to hear your story.

Cheers to a new and improved you!