Healthier Snacking In 10 Easy Ways

Snacking has been one of our most beloved pastime. It is something we even do unconsciously sometimes. As shown by the fact that you’re munching on your second bag of chips while reading this article without you even realizing it. When you think about your favorite snacks, what comes to your mind? Salty potato chips? Greasy, fried food? A sweet dessert? A salad drizzled with your favorite dressing?

Whatever it is that comes to your mind, chances are your options are not so healthy it’s a human rights concern.

When you are trying to lose weight, many people would advise you to avoid snacking at all costs.
The conventional wisdom is that you can’t gain weight if you don’t eat anything.
But oftentimes it is not what you eat that is the cause of concern when trying to lose weight, rather what you do in between these meals. Even if your snacks are small in portion, they can still end up in your butt, tummy, and thighs if you are not careful and do not make wise decisions.

As someone who has had many experiences dieting and trying out the other fads, I have over time learned from my mistakes and the diets I tried. Below are my recommendations for what you can do to achieve a healthier snacking habit.

I always strongly urge everyone I know to develop the habit of eating three full meals a day and following an eating schedule you can stick with. Having three full meals a day minimizes your urges to snack in between.
Once you follow the three full meals a day game plan, implement these various other strategies so you can play it smart when you do decide to have a snack. 

When establishing a routine for your body keep in mind that being on time and sticking with a schedule is important. When you snack, do these little tips to help you lose weight.

  1. Sit down, get comfortable, and put your snacks on your plate or any clean surface that you want so you can unpack it and have a better visual representation of what you are eating. This ensures that you are visually stimulated and you also tend to eat less.
  2. Make sure that you count the calories that you eat for snacking.
  3. Snack only when you are really hunger or when you think you really need it most. If you check your schedule and you see your next major meal is near, skip snacking.
  4.  Always try to snack on healthier options like fruits and vegetables whenever you feel like snacking
  5. For those times when the hunger or longing to eat is not quelled by potato chips, try to have healthier snack meals like a cup of soup, a half sandwich, or a bowl of healthy cereal.
  6. Incorporate variety in your snacking. Don’t just pick up the usual items like instant meals or noodles.
  7. Skip fizzy drinks but for those times that you must drink it, lighten up your drinks with teas and juices.
  8. Be smart about portioning. You can start by not buying the bags of chips you usually do.
  9. Read and understand labels carefully. Those 100-calorie snack items aren’t always a good choice. They are expensive and often are heavily processed. Learn how to make your own snacks with simple recipes.
  10. Pack your snacks and divide them into small portions ahead of time so you can easily grab a bag or container when your cravings kick in.

The suggestions I have detailed here are ones that personally worked for me and also helped me save money. Following a healthy and smart diet need not be expensive but it will require you to put in a little bit of effort. I was so over-weight that I was already about to give it up  but I made my resolve and made a commitment to myself that in at least three weeks I will  do nothing but concentrate on my weight loss goal and make it through the end, once you see the pounds drop off you will know that the small effort that you put in have not been wasted. I stuck with the 3 Week Diet fitness program and also incorporated these tips in my lifestyle changes. It paid off and here I am now sharing my story with you.

I hope you too will find success in what you will do and I can’t wait to hear your story.

Cheers to a new and improved you!

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