Practical Tips For Weight Loss

To lose weight does not require one to have a degree in “rocket science.” The conventional wisdom is that all you have to do is lessen your food intake, increase your exercise, and control your sweet tooth and you will lose weight. Of course, this is easier said than done certainly it is possible to do it.

Yet, many people give up the effort because they are overwhelmed with so many things to do. Constantly bombarded with different do’s and don’ts about what to eat. I understand these concerns very well because I used to be in that situation. Here’s what I learned though, if you can’t follow a whole program then why not make one change at a time in your lifestyle? Continue with this small change until it becomes a habit.
A story that I fondly remember is about one of my yoga students who came to me and told me that he had just lost 4 kilos (close to 9 pounds) in one month. How did he do it? He just did one thing: he fasted during one day of each week of that month. That’s all he did.

If you don’t like fasting or are not ready for it, then try this one experiment with food. Try giving up eating foods with unnecessary added sugar such as cookies, cakes, candies, soda etc. I tried this and lost ten pounds in a month. After a meal, instead of eating a sweet dessert I eat a piece of fruit. It’s possible, and you don’t have to change anything else.

If you are not ready to change your eating habits, then try adding some exercise to your life. Take a walk after dinner instead of sitting in an easy chair watching TV. Put on your mp3 player, get out in the fresh air and digest your dinner with a brisk walk. Walk 20 minutes away from your home and 20 minutes back. Do this every night and you are sure to lose some weight, and also improve your digestion and sleep.
Another small change you can make is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Four liters (quarts) spread out over the day will help you to control your appetite and also help your over-all bodily functions. Keeping yourself hydrated also improves your skin’s condition.
Implementing small lifestyle changes and just being aware of what you eat already sets you on the road to better fitness and nutrition.

Finally, if you are gung-ho and would like to try all of these tips on a daily basis. Then here is what to do:

1. Give up unnecessary sweet foods, and substitute them with fruit
2. Do fasting on a regular basis
3. Add brisk walking to your daily schedule (40 minutes)
4. Drink four liters of water every day
5. Practice yoga exercises two times a day
6. Practice meditation two times a day

If you do any one of these things you will lose weight. If you do all of these, then your success is a sure guarantee.



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