Resistance Training At Home With Results

Whether you want tighten your arms, to prepare yourself to climb a mountain someday, or just plain tone up, resistance training is an important part of any workout program. You don’t want to lose weight and still look flabby after. In this article, we will focus on the basics of resistance training. The following exercises will help you build muscle and get toned.

A resistance band is the perfect instrument for toning upper body muscles. Take the two ends of the resistance band in your two hands and place your feet on the center of the band. Use the resistance provided by the band as you lift your hands up in front of your body, and then to the sides of your body, engaging your biceps, triceps, and shoulders as you pull and release. As you determine which moves work which muscle sets the most effectively, develop a routine using your unique pulls. Work through a series of pulls until you hit muscle failure and need to rest.

Work your upper body with your body weight. Start from a normal push up position, lying on the floor. After you’ve worked through traditional push-ups, move into a plank position and remain there, engaging your abs. Work your way from the plank into downward dog, pointing your buttocks to the sky, lengthening your legs, and leaning into your shoulders. Shift the weight of your body such that you feel it in your shoulders, working the lats (latissimus dorsi). Make sure to stretch and rest before going through the series again.

Next you can challenge your lower body with the resistance band. Step into the center of the resistance band and pull it up so it hooks on your ankles, and then walk sideways across the room, making sure you have to work against the band with every step. Repeat until you hit muscle fail, then rest and repeat. With the band still around your ankles, shift your weight such that it is on one leg entirely, and extend the leg forward, then back, then to the side, then back, each time using the band for resistance. Switch legs and repeat until fatigued.

Work your legs and buttocks using your body weight. Slide into a squatting position, engaging your buttocks, keeping your legs at a 90-degree angle. When you can’t hold the squat anymore, stand up, shake your legs out, and then do it again.

Try these resistance exercises when you can’t get to the gym to use the equipment. Invest in a good set of resistance bands for maximum home workout results.


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