Simple Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Fresh fruit and vegetables juices should be consumed daily as it makes us healthy and strong. More fresh vegetables and fruits intake could also help you lose weight, maintain your ideal weight, regulate your blood and sugar levels, and lessen the need for you to take in supplements but many people now are not consuming their required fruits and vegetables. Exercise is important for health and in order for you to be healthy proper nutrition should also be followed. Having various fruits and vegetable recipes at hand makes sure you can have lots of fun ways to consume fruits and vegetables and make it less boring.

Today, we are compiling our fun, easy, and tasty fruit and vegetable juice recipes for weight loss to add to your list. We make sure they’re easy to make but tastes just great.

Apple Ginger Juice Variant 1

Apple 4
Tangerines 2
Ginger ½ inch
Lime 1
Wash cut and peels all the ingredients then put them all in the juicer and start juicing.

Apple Blueberries Juice

Apple 5
Blueberries 2 handful
Wash and cut apple into small pieces. First, juice the blueberries and then juice the apples. Stir. Chill before drinking

Apple 1
Ginger 3 inches
Lemon 2
Water 363ml
Agave nectar 2 tablespoon (honey can also be used)

Wash and peel all the ingredients. Add apple, ginger and lemon juice in grinder. Gradually add the water to the juice. Add agave nectar or honey and blend again. Pour all in a tall glass and enjoy.

Apple Melon and Mint Juice

Melon 2 wedge slices
Apple 1
Pears 3
Small bunch of fresh mint
After washing and peeling the ingredients, cut them in small pieces. Pour all in the blender and make juice. Stir and enjoy the drink

Apple Orange Juice

Apple 2
Orange 2
Wash and make juice of both ingredients. Chill and enjoy.

We hope you enjoy this simple list. If you have any suggestions, kindly let us know so we can test it out in our kitchens.


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