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Here you are having made the decision to start doing yoga at home. This is the first step for this practice. But it is easy to get stuck in the “thought” though. Do not be afraid or intimidated because we’re here to provide you with tips and tricks on how you can start enjoying and doing yoga at home at your own convenience, minus the high fees and commutes to a studio.

Yoga at home

First step that you need to determine is to pick what type of yoga practice you’d want to do. There are now many styles and variations of yoga classes that are now out there. Picking the right style that targets what you need to improve on is necessary because if you pick something which you don’t like doing or that is not suitable for your state of physical fitness you may be turned off by the whole experience and abandon it entirely.

Try to go through and read about different styles first. Check this list to know about the different styles of yoga you can do. For many beginners of yoga, a Vinyasa or Hatha class is recommended. It depends on how fast or slow the pace you want to start your class with. Both of these tackle the basics of yoga and will help you prepare your body for fancier styles later.

If you can afford to and have the inclination to go enroll in a class, we’d always recommend that you do but if this is not within your budget or time is a constraint and a home practice is what you want then look for DVDs you can purchase that suits the style you want to do. Here are our recommendations for the Vinyasa and Hatha classes.

Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Strength, Stability and Grace

Hatha Yoga on the Forgotten Coast: Uniting Body, Mind & Spirit

The Power of Hatha Yoga: Ultimate Series

Have the essential tools necessary on hand before you do your practice. Not being well-prepared for your first foray into yoga can also make or break your experience. Having the right tools to do yoga or just about any endeavor will ensure that your practice will be executed properly, your safety is also taken into consideration, and your overall practice will be a more relaxed and calming one.

This section will give you an idea of the basic tools you will need for your at-home yoga practice.


1.) A good and sturdy yoga mat it should cushion your knees and other joints.


2.) Yoga blocks help you balance and target specific areas while you do your yoga poses. These two items we recommend are made from natural materials like cork and bamboo and definitely eco-friendly.

3.) Yoga straps makes challenging poses more accessible and it helps deepen stretches and increase flexibility.



4.) Yoga clothes are essential for a yoga practice. You want to feel confident that you’re completely covered when doing poses especially the challenging ones where you’re bending forward or sticking your leg in the air, and believe me, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not someone can see your private business. The clothes should fit properly, and for the ladies, should support your breasts too because you’d be doing a lot of bending and stretching. They don’t want to be very expensive because you need to build your workout clothes so you can wash them after every use.

5.) Choose the proper underwear for your workout. Cotton underwear is nice to put on but they easily soak up sweat and don’t dry fast enough. Invest in a good pair of bras and knickers.

Remember to keep in mind these simple Do’s and Don’ts of your yoga practice to ensure that your practice will go smoothly.

  • Don’t have a big meal prior to your yoga practice.
    Don’t drink too much water between your class but make sure you are properly hydrated before and after.
    Don’t wear shoes or socks.
  • Do familiarize yourself with the different yoga poses.
    Do make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing that won’t hinder your movement.
    Do your yoga practice in a well-ventilated, clean, and clutter-free space
    Do yoga regularly to help improve your balance, core, and develop your mental discipline.

The most important thing you also must do is to continue reading FitnessBright for more tips about yoga and other exercises. Enjoy your yoga practice and never stop improving yourself.

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