The Benefits Of Drinking Tea For Women

A new study by a European research team has been proven that tea has the potentially to help safeguard women against cancer. It does this by causing epigenetic changes in the body. Epigenetic changes are chemical modifications that turn our genes off or on.
The research was carried out by Uppsala University in Sweden with the collaboration of various research groups around Europe. In this study, they looked at 3,096 male and female participants to observe if coffee and tea consumption may lead to epigenetic changes.

We already know that other lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, dieting, and exposure to chemicals can also lead to epigenetic changes. This is why it is important to always be aware of what we do and put into our bodies as much as possible.

What is fascinating about this new development is that when the team tried to investigate the epigenetic changes in their various volunteers, they found that the consumption of tea indeed presented epigenetic changes but the changes were only found in women but not men. The various changes they detected also targeted or were involved in genes that had something to do with cancer and estrogen metabolism.

The lead researcher Weronica Ek has explained this phenomenon and was quoted as saying that the, “Previous studies have shown that tea consumption reduces estrogen levels which highlights a potential difference between the biological response to tea in men and women. Women also drink higher amounts of tea compared to men, which increases our power to find association in women.”

Research also found that both coffee and tea consumption can reduce the risk of disease. It does this by suppressing tumor progression, decreasing inflammation, and influencing estrogen metabolism which may all be related to epigenetic changes.

Although the study did not find any epigenetic changes in coffee drinkers there are many previous studies that have also suggested that coffee can also reduce the risk of a variety of cancers. The possibility of this is due to the compounds found in the drink. Previous research has found that it’s tea catechins that lead to epigenetic changes. However, the team behind the new study noted that more research is now needed to find out more about how epigenetic changes affect our health.

The study and its results can be found online published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics.


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