The Science of Sleep. Why Getting To Sleep On Time Should Be Priority

An extensive study conducted found that insomnia increases heart attack and stroke risks in people. The research, led by Qiao He from Sheenyan, China’s Medical University states. They study evaluated 15 prospective cohort studies with at least a two-year follow-up of its 160,867 participants.

Many researches in the past have shown a link between poor health and insomnia. But what makes this research groundbreaking was that it showed a link between insomnia and heart disease or stroke to be consistent. Non-restorative sleep, difficulty in maintaining sleep, and difficulty sleeping were associated with 18%, 11%, and 27% higher risks of heart disease and stroke compared to those not suffering from these insomnia symptoms.


The findings were published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

Poor sleep is something we should not yawn at and dismiss as from numerous studies we find that it really takes a toll on your health and quality of living. From heightened feelings of hostility, being more prone to depression, and now risks of heart attacks and stroke it is time we tackle lack of sleep and regain our quality of life back.

Here, we’ll share tips and tricks to help you fall asleep so much faster.


  • Reduce noises

A snoring spouse, a dripping faucet, outside noise like trucks and cars – whatever sound it is you hear that keeps you awake you can either tune it all out with your favorite relaxing soundtrack. You can check services like iTunes or Pandora for relaxing sounds and music for sleep.

You can use headphones specifically designed for sleeping like CozyPhones. But if listening to music is not your thing and you wish to drown out all the noise, then having a pair of ultra soft foam earplugs within easy reach would be handy for a good night’s sleep.

  • Mentally prepare your sleep and prepare you body

Taking a shower an hour before your bed time will slowly signal your body that it’s soon time for you to sleep. And with the lowered body temperature, it’s easier for you to fall asleep.

Employing a relaxation technique is another way to mentally and physically prepare yourself for bedtime. You can slowly curl your toes tightly and count to seven, and then release the curl and relax. Repeat this process on both feet and slowly moving through each muscle group until you reach your neck.

  • Log your sleeping habits

What we do during the day affects our sleeping patterns. Writing down our activities and what we have consumed during the day like caffeine quantity, what time we go to bed, how much we exercise, what time we ate and what food we consumed, plus our daily total sleep time are all helpful information to have with you so it’s easier shared with your specialist or health adviser.

  • Keep it cool and comfy

We sleep much faster and easier when our room’s temperature is cooler. Set your thermostat around 18 – 20 degrees Celsius (65 – 68 degrees Fahrenheit) for optimum sleep. Breathable and comfortable sleepwear should also be worn.

  • Relax your mind

Instead of thinking about the day’s events and repeating stuff in your head while you are in bed try writing it all down in a journal instead. This relaxes your mind and unburdens your thoughts.

Picture yourself in calm, tranquil, and quiet surroundings like a deserted beach or relaxing garden. As you regularly do this, over time, this new routine will develop into a habit helping give cues to your brain that it is time to settle down and sleep.

These simple tips aim to help you take control of your sleepless nights and get good sound sleep.

Sleeping right means you are able to heal your body, refresh your mind, and lower your anxiety. Don’t skimp on sleep and start living right.

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