About us

Fitness Bright is a website created to reach out a new demographic of readers who don’t like what most fitness websites make them feel. This is a website that wants you to reach your health goals, land you your ideal body, and making it less of a hassle than it usually is. We know that exercising and eating right will improve your health and outlook but we also want to make sure that you are mentally strong and stimulated.

We are no strangers to the reports of how a sedentary lifestyle is making this generation overweight, sickly, and lethargic. With the advancement of technology, we now see people doing less physical work and retreating more to their cubicles while still consuming the same amount of food that is required to work an entire field. Thus, we see a rise in weight gain. Obesity is a serious problem and with it comes a plethora of other ailments that affect you not just physically but emotionally and psychologically.

We at Fitness Bright aim to bring you the latest updates and help you focus on what you can do, NOW, and improve your life for the better.

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