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Losing Weight With Yoga

lose weight with yoga

Losing weight with yoga is not just a trend. Once started doing yoga daily will bring with it numerous other rewards that is not just weight loss related. The practice of yoga will help improve your flexibility, agility, and mental acuity.

If you want to lose weight, yoga can be your ally. Losing weight with yoga can be achievable. There are yoga poses that will help you lose weight. When you practice this sport, you do much more than burn calories. You also improve your mental health, which will help you decrease your anxiety, and therefore you’ll eat less and better. If you combine a healthy diet with some yoga exercises, you can take care of your figure in a healthy way.

Why does yoga help you lose weight?

Asanas tone the muscles and allow your body to function better. Respiration brings oxygen to the body’s cells to make it work better. It also provides us with the physical and psychological energy needed to control the desire to eat.

yoga and diet for weight loss

Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

There are various postures that yoga teachers recommend to those people who, in addition to harmonizing their body, mind and spirit, seek yoga to lose weight. Examples of these postures are:

Fish posture or Matsyasana

Matsyasana for weight loss

Fish posture or Matsyasana

Cobra Posture for weight loss

Cobra Posture yoga for weight loss

Candle Posture for weight loss

Candle Posture yoga for weight loss

Warrior Stance for weight loss

Warrior pose yoga for weight loss

Sun Greeting Posture for weight loss

sun greeting yoga pose for weight loss

You’ll know more about these postures as you start and familiarize yourself with various yoga poses.

There seems to be many misconceptions about yoga floating around that somehow frightens people who wish to undertake this activity. One of the major misconceptions about yoga that so many people to be true is that you need to have the perfect posture you find in illustrations.

When you are a beginner you do not need to concentrate about how good your poses look. As a first-time yoga practitioner, you need to only concentrate on what you are doing and tune your mind and body together so you get comfortable in your new exercise routine. Yes, you would look silly at first. To the observer, we all do look silly stretching and bending about. Don’t worry about this. Soon, you’ll be concentrating on your exercises that you won’t have time to think about what others will think.

Yoga improves the health of those who practice it, thanks to its many benefits. Yoga brings an expansion in all fields of human existence. Daily yoga practice guarantees a firm body, a stable mind, and a benevolent spirit.

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Physical Benefits of Yoga

  • Strength: asanas tone every part of the body.
  • Resistance: Regular practice increases working capacity.
  • sun greeting yoga pose for weight loss: A young body is maintained and resettled through a correct stretch.
  • Posture: While the tone and flexibility are balanced, an upright and effortless posture is established.
  • Power: Improving glandular performance and deep relaxation let one cool and calm.
  • Health: A consistent welfare state is experienced when the mind and body are balanced.Improvement of blood circulation.

Mental benefits of Yoga

  • Concentration: The penetration of yoga postures deepens and extends concentration, memory retention, and attention.
  • Emotional Stability: contact with the inner self gives insight into life and isolates the mind from alterations.
  • Peace: Tranquility of the mind, tolerance in mind, and absorption in the inner self generates a permanent state of peace and tranquility.
  • Self-recognition: Develops the necessary skills to understand the functioning of the mind through observing the activity of the body itself and breathing.
  • Integral and progressive development of mind and body: facilitating the expression of the practitioner’s potentials and strengthening self-esteem.

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

  • Wisdom: A persistent practice develops knowledge that flourishes as wisdom.
  • Freedom: justness and wisdom lead to the experience of freedom in daily life.
  • Integration: The regular exploration and the connection of the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional layers lead to an integral state of harmony.
  • Calm: Another way of coping with problems.

A healthy and balanced life is not all about weight loss. A healthy life is but the result of a lifetime of good decision making based on our conscious choices to WANT to live healthy.

Give yourself a chance and start practicing yoga today.

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