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15 Fast Ways To Lose Weight

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Fifteen fast ways to lose weight sounds like it is too good to be true. We will tackle these very easy sixteen ways to lose weight in this post to help you start your weight loss journey.

We will give you some tips to lose weight without making great efforts. These are small gestures that can change your bad habits and have a great reward.

ways to lose weight

Here are fifteen ways to lose weight and keep your self healthy

I’m sure you have heard about that age-old advice that if we take a eat breakfast, you’ll be getting the necessary energy boost you need to face the day. Eating breakfast will help you avoid to chop the rest of the day. Eliminate the need to go on a “hunger run” to look for food.

Eating breakfast helps you cut back on binge snacking which is the often the culprit for weight gain. There’s no such thing as a “miraculous” or “fast diets” do. The habits you change can be helpful on your way to lose weight.

People who are obese or are currently overweight, shouldn’t just follow an adequate eating meal plan. Modifying a habit or two will do more good and will give you longer-lasting results.

1.) Put care and consideration into your home cooked meals.

Make sure you are using fresh ingredients, lessen your salt intake, utilize spices for flavor, and try to eat fresh as often as you can. Start looking at the salad offerings of your favorite fast food places if you usually go to these places for lunch. Many fast food places now try to offer alternatives to their usual menu and even have salad/vegetarian offerings. Meat eaters consider chicken instead of beef as it’s healthier and ask if servings are served in smaller portions. Don’t always go for the fattening heavy meals. Always be looking and considering salads. Better yet, start meal prepping and make your own lunches. This may sound like big work at first but once you start this habit, you’ll realize it is easy and CHEAP! Initial investment for meal prepping are the containers you’d put your meals in. They should be easily stackable, microwave safe, BPA free, dishwasher safe. We recommend this Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment with Lids.

Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment with Lids


2. Do not snack between hours.

Eliminating snacks entirely should be ideal but it is hard. When you are preparing dinner or you still have a little time to eat, you will probably be hungry and will often grab the most tempting packaged snacks. Often, these snacks contain additives and other junk that is not good for your body. In addition to being very addictive, they contain many calories. If you are very hungry and want to munch on something, consider a healthier snack like a fruit or diet cereal bar. Something to fill you up, address your sweet or savory tooth, and nutritious. We recommend Youtopia Snacks Variety Pack as they are fantastic! They are light, low calorie snacks at just 130 calories per pack. Low sugar, high protein, non-GMO, gluten-free. They come in portion-controlled packs to avoid over-snacking.

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3. Breakfast well.

If you consume a breakfast of 300 calories with a healthy combination of proteins and cereals then you will be more energetic throughout the day. Eating breakfast also lessens your need to snack. Breakfast is what allows you to have a lot of energy throughout the day and what is best, eat less at any time. If you are not eating breakfast, considering having a healthy smoothie or freshly squeezed juice made from vegetables and fruits. To make it really nutritious, mix it with powdered greens. Improve the taste and get the vitamins, nutrients, phytonutrients, and probiotics you need. We recommend RO Organic’s Chocolate Mocha Superfood Greens Powder. It tastes absolutely great! It contains 75+ natural superfoods from fruits and veggies. Comes in a great mocha chocolate flavor. It has probiotic digestive enzyme blend that helps improve your digestion. It is dairy-free, contains no added sugars or preservatives. gluten and soy free. I personally just love it!

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4. Engage in physical activity and exercise to lose weight.

Do exercise 20 minutes a day. You do not need to be in a gym, you can take advantage of shopping by walking around the mall. Run and play with your children in the yard or park. In addition to improving the relationship with them, it also allows you to lose weight easily. You’d be surprised how much calories you burn going after the little munchkins.

Go up the stairs instead of using the elevator, get off before the bus stop, wash the car, mow the lawn, or dedicate an hour to play your favorite sport like basketball, cycling, jogging, etc. Find things that interests you and keep your body moving.

5. Do NOT smoke.

Smoking is not only harmful to the body but also does not allow you to lose weight. While it is true that many fatten u when they leave the cigarette, you can go down with your weight by following a proper diet and, above all, you will provide health to your lungs.

6. Eliminate temptation.

Eliminate everything you can’t eat. One of the problems among those who diet is temptation. If there are many “banned” foods in your cupboard, then chances are high you’ll be grabbing one of those to snack on. Start stocking up on healthier choices like low-calorie snacks, for example. Whole wheat flour, cereals, legumes, nuts, and seeds instead of chips, refined flour, and sugary fizzy drinks.

7. Healthy meetings.

Get together with your friends for group exercise bonding. Instead of getting together with friends to eat a pizza or checking out the newest restaurant why not check the latest workout in a gym instead? You can also head to a day spa to relax and recharge yourselves instead of getting together for drinks. Have picnics in a park where you can all run, jog, and exercise. Best of all, you get to breathe fresh air. Sign up for dancing classes or a pilates workout, the healthier options and facilities are endless.

8. Keep your mind engaged with healthy activities.

Look for enthusiasm, load your player with songs suitable for the gym and exercising, so you will want to go for a walk or run instead of staying at home.

9. Eat organic and healthy food.

Eat a lot more vegetables. Slowly add more vegetables to your meals. For example, pizza with arugula or noodles with eggplant and zucchini. You will be satisfied and do not want to try desserts or other dishes.

10. Move whenever you can.

Add exercise to your life, try to combine your routine in a way that you always exercise. For example, while watching TV you can do sit-ups or dance with music videos.

11. Spend more time with your pets.

Take a longer walk with your dog. This will allow you to leave your house, breathe fresh air and in turn, spend time with your pet so that he also exercise. Also, spending more time with your pet has been shown to significantly lower your stress levels. Contact with pets seem to counteract this stress response by lowering stress hormones and heart rate. They also lower anxiety and fear levels (psychological responses to stress) and elevate feelings of calmness.

12. Don’t always go for combo meals.

When eating out, avoid combo meals. Often when eating out the typical order will immediately go for the combo meals because the first thought that comes to mind is to pig out at the cheap. However, you can still get the same satisfaction of ordering your most favorite dish and savoring it. It’s better to have one meal that you truly enjoy than dipping in different dishes just to stuff one’s self.

13. Do not eat dessert.

Avoid the unnecessary calories. Cutting off dessert from your meals will make it easier for you to lose weight. Have cheat days if you want and indulge in a brownie or two but for daily meals, it’s best to avoid this calorie trap and just opt for a meal. Think of the money you save if you don’t order something sweet after lunch or dinner. This will allow you to buy Christmas gifts for your whole family or get something really nice for yourself.

14. Start a new gym class.

You can choose to learn to dance the salsa or learn belly dancing. If you prefer a quieter approach try yoga or Tai Chi. Spinning is an excellent choice for weight loss. Also in gyms there are now many classes that combine two types of classes like Taebo which is combination of aerobics and kickboxing.

15. Do not eat at dawn.

If you are one of those who get up during the night, open the refrigerator and look for something to “chomp”, you must change this habit for a healthier you. If there’s nothing interesting there to quench your hunger, you can try drinking a glass of water. Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst.

Acquire healthy habits and be consistent with them.

You must acquire these habits as a routine. It’s no use putting them into practice one day and abandoning it all after.

Habits are formed because of constant repetition, practice. Soon, once you keep doing it, it’ll be second nature to you. You won’t notice that you’re struggling with making choices and you can then enjoy the things around you more.

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