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Five Tips To Keep Your Skin Firm As You Lose Weight

It has finally happened. You’re now at a point where you are starting to lose weight because you’ve found a good workout that you can stick with. You like the workout and you are able to stick with your eating plan. All your efforts are paying off and you are now able to sync your health plan with your lifestyle. But here is the thing, you find that as you shed more and more pounds other problems surface.

It’s no surprise that many people who are on a quest to lose weight encounter other problems not directly linked with weight loss. One of them is your skin. Today we’re going to give you five tips to keep your skin firm as you lose weight and other beneficial skin care tips for a slimmer and more youthful you.

Weight loss can be a life-changing process. Often, this is done when we make a commitment to live a better, healthier lifestyle. The extra pounds and fat you have carried with you for years is slowly melting away, revealing a whole new different person.

This is the stage where other problems come up. The skin that now covers your smaller self tends to sag and does not look so attractive. Instead of that taut stomach you have been fantasizing to reveal or that tight skin you wanted to show off because you’ve been doing weights, what you might see are the unflattering folds, lines, and pockets that have formed.

While there isn’t a method or formula out there that will completely prevent all types of loose skin from forming if you are losing a large amount of weight in a short time, there are steps that you can take to somehow make your skin firmer as you continue to lose weight.

Following a fit and healthy lifestyle will already do wonders for your skin. Doing exercises, following specific strategies, and using products that boost collagen (the structural protein responsible for your skin’s elasticity and even plumpness) can really make a difference in how your skin looks.

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We at Fitness Bright are hoping that with our tips you will be able to achieve not just a healthy body but great looking skin as well. Here are our five tips to keep your skin firm as you lose weight.

1.) Aim for gradual weight loss.

As much as possible, we encourage everyone to always aim for gradual weight loss. A weight loss of 1 to 5 pounds per week is ideal and healthy. If you lose weight quickly because of bad weight loss habits like relying on weight loss pills and starving yourself by just drinking cleanses, not only are you compromising your health, you are also compromising your beautiful or handsome face. Fast weight loss tends to sag your skin. Applying the right kind of firming serum to your face that is formulated for your age and skin type while you lose weight will help you keep your skin taut throughout your weight loss journey.


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2.) Get rid of fat, build more muscle!

One of the things some people dislike about weight loss is losing their “solid” look and ending up like a waif-thin junkie. Okay, it may be a bit too much to say that but please allow me some humor from time to time. Many people don’t want to end up looking thin and lank. So, one thing to really focus on during your weight loss is building on your muscles and letting it define and shape your body. Focus on strength training because doing so will gradually let your muscles replace your body fat and it also prevents sagging skin. When your muscles are tight and toned it gives your skin the ideal foundation to lay on.

As you target your flabby parts and slowly build muscle definition, it also helps your skin firm up. The best part is that muscles help you burn more calories after you leave the gym.

Utilize dumbbells, your own body weight, or even machines to target various muscle groups. One thing to keep in mind though is not to overdo it. Aim for four (4) days of resistance training per week. Adding two (2) to three (3) days of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will stoke your metabolism and will help you build more muscle mass. Do not forget to pair this routine with adequate protein. Eat the right kinds of food and snacks so you will be stronger, tighter, firmer, and healthier both inside and out.


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3.) Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Yes, we’ve heard this time and time again. Our mothers keep repeating this advice and for good reason. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious things you can ingest which will really help your body and your skin. Pile on those colorful vegetables and vibrant colored fruits. Load up on Vitamin A and lycopene if you wish to help offset harmful UV rays damage. Tomatoes, red peppers, and other rosy-colored veggies and fruits are known to contain the most lycopene. Leafy greens and citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C which also helps your body produce collagen which helps you retain skin firmness.

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4.) Drink Water

Eliminate soda and those sugary, fizzy drinks from your diet if you can. Drink up and load your body with water and it will love you forever. Many people do not realize that they are already dehydrated which causes the skin cells to “shrivel” and be inflexible. Loading on water will help prevent that and it is one of the cheapest, easiest way to stay healthy.

To encourage yourself to drink more water, try storing your water in your personalized bottles that are attractive and will send a signal to your mind to pick it up and drink water.

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5.) Don’t forget about your sun protection.

If you are someone who loves to be outdoors or you prefer exercising outdoors then establish good sun protection habits. Try to look for shady areas to exercise in like parks with lots of trees. Exposing your skin to the sun’s UV rays which can easily destroy your skin’s collagen will make your skin age faster.

Try to exercise or be outdoors during early mornings or late in the day when the sun’s less scorching.

And do not forget to put on a good type of sunscreen. Choosing the right kind of sunscreen is essential in protecting your skin. Look for labels that say “broad-spectrum” sunscreen because it means your product will protect your skin against UVA as well as UVB rays, both notorious in destroying your skin.

Put on the appropriate clothing for outdoor activities. Look for UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) clothing as these fabrics will give you optimum SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

Don’t forget to also protect your scalp and face. Choosing the right head gear will help prevent wrinkles on your face.

We recommend Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Body Lotion Broad Spectrum Spf 70

My family and I love using this particular brand of sunscreen because it offers great sun protection, doesn’t come off when you sweat, and we don’t need to buy a different brand when we go to the pool or beach.

Start changing your life for the better one step at a time. That is the key to successfully transform yourself without being overwhelmed.

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